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For brands to thrive with their communities, we have witnessed how agile co-creation is the new core of Marketing, the Chameleon is the perfect animal in nature to remind us about the relevance to adapt to any context in the moment to succeed.

Discover our method and change your mindset to empower your brand or business to thrive.

Who we are?

With vast experience in strategic marketing & creativity, sustainability and brand innovation, we are globally recognized and established leaders, keynote speakers & experts in revitalizing big and small brands through purpose-led co-creation.

We have proven through our unique Agile Co-Creation Method® that human centric campaigns deliver outstanding results.

From iconic confectionery brands to healthcare, sports, music & even small communities in the Italian Alps, our strategic counsel has been the foundation for branding success across the world.

For us, co-creation brings to life the voice of the consumer and their local communities to more effectively drive sustainable behavior change coupled with increased marketing ROI and we are on a journey to continuously help marketers rethink brand strategy that effectively creates a better future for all of us.

We are a group of seasoned brand strategists who have discovered a method for brands to thrive in adversity and we want YOU to be the main benefactor of StoryMaking 4 Good.

Our team has deep expertise across FMCG, Technology, Healthcare, Sports & Lifestyle brands in collaboration with Google’s Marketing Academy, Stanford’s School of Business, NYU Stern University, ESADE and IESE.

StoryMaking 4 Good, S.L. (S4G) is a breakthrough methodology and a brand & business strategy program that enables co-creation for good growth at the speed of culture with big and small brands, now also used at the ESADE, IESE & the ANA training faculties to empower marketing & sustainability leaders successfully unleash the power of co-creation.

We look forward to co-creating with your brand or business a better future for us all!

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What is the StoryMaking 4 good sweetspot?

StoryMaking4Good Sweetpot

Why Co-Creation matters?

Brand storytelling practices combined with traditional advertising channels continue to lose effectiveness because most campaigns have become intrusive and lack a clear purpose or consumer connection beyond selling.

This is why the era of “one-size-fits-all” campaigns is clearly over.

The need for brands to engage people in a dialogue is crucial, in fact, this challenges marketers to overcome 4 key issues:
(1) content saturation, (2) increased social and eco-anxiety, (3) distrust, and (4) increasing financial scrutiny to drive ROI.

Brands and marketers answering this call to co-create are fast becoming category leaders.

Co-creation is now at the heart of better marketing and is a key to providing meaningful interactions with consumers, co-delivering content in a way that is relevant, timely and authentic.

The Co-Creation Method® has effectively proven to drive user generated content at scale with a 2X Marketing ROI backed by extensive research & inspirational case studies from our clients in collaboration with the ANA, The World Advertising Research Company, Cannes Lions & Sustainable Brands.

Unleashes a 2X Marketing ROI*
via Creativity for Good Growth

* WARC Marketing Effectiveness research 2022

Co-Creation is @ the heart of best-in-class marketing building meaningful interactions relevantly, timely & authentically

StoryMaking4Good Hershey Increase Social Impact Hershey’s Celebrates Women
StoryMaking4Good Amarula Protect Bio-Diversity Amarula #NameThemSaveThem
StoryMaking4Good Nescafe Supply Chain Transparency Tribute to Coffee ‘Farmers’
StoryMaking4Good Smirnoff Celebrate Diversity Smirnoff #LoveWins

The Agile Co-Creation Method

What’s in it for you ?

Innovate via The Agile Co-Creation Method® to your brand or business in order to scale & accelerate business growth across people, planet & profit

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The 6 Drivers of Co-Creation

StoryMaking4Good Strategy

Our Promise

Core Benefits

Improve Brands Storytelling Effectiveness

Increase Marketing ROI

Accelerate sustainable behavior change

Some case studies

Co-Creation Pioneers: Corona Plastic Fishing Tournament

Co-Creation Pioneers: #HerShe empowering female artists

Co-Creation Pioneers: #Nescafe drives supply chain transparency via coffee farmers co-creation and winning THE global BIG Effie

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